Corporate Citizenship


I just realized that the solution is not with the U.S. tax payers, but Exxon Mobile. That’s right, we should get Exxon Mobile to pay for the stimulus. Think about it. We have already given Exxon Mobil hundreds of millions in tax breaks and incentives (we almost gave them free range to our coast lines), and we handed them our entire U.S. armed forces, including 4,000 dead and thousands wounded. After billions of dollars to fund the war, oil prices sky-rocketed and the economy sank and then the banks crashed. But Exxon Mobil reported once again record profits. If anyone has benefited from the Bush presidency’s intervention into the free market, it’s been Exxon Mobil. So now I think it’s payback time. Let’s call it corporate citizenship.


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  1. The idea sounds interesting. Just trying to imagine how corporate citizenship would look like.

    Some months ago I was thinking, why don’t we sell our city names for e.g. a year? Then I would not be living in Cologne anymore but in Gazprom. This way the city gets a big payment and the citizens maybe a discount on the gas bills ;).

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