Self Geo-Location on Google Maps



OK, I know I have better things to do than browse Google Maps, but that’s what I was doing. Sometimes I like to take little virtual walks down the street, and today I thought I would check out Boca Grande, Florida where I spent Christmas this year. I tried to use Google Maps’ street level view, but it wasn’t available for Boca Grande. That’s when I recalled that sometime this past year, I saw a Google Maps car adorned with multiple cameras drive right in front of my building in Madrid. So I went straight to my address on Google Maps and guess what I found?

That’s right! There I was, geo-located, standing in full view. Imagine if I were captured in some clandestine act . . . other than looking like the mailman. Unfortunately for my readers, my life is not that interesting.



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2 responses to “Self Geo-Location on Google Maps

  1. Well, thankfully we can’t see what’s in your bag 😉

  2. eric

    Thankfully and I actually remember quite well what is was 😉

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