Sea of Poppies


I just finished Amitav Ghosh’s wonderful new novel Sea of Poppies. I have mostly positive things to say about the book. You can’t help but be in awe of Mr. Ghosh’s talent and ability to create richness. Each character is replete with his and her own tales and dialects. The novel is also just as rich with its hundreds of subplots — so much so that it’s hard to believe that the book is coming to an end as the number of remaining pages dwindles away.

I know Ghosh has intended Sea of Poppies to be the first in a trilogy, which hopefully explains why when the book finally came to its abrupt finale, I felt like the story was only just beginning. On finishing the last page, I immediately missed the characters and felt unsatisfied — not discontent with the book but with not knowing what was going to happen next — very much like I did when I finished the first season of Lost. Hopefully the next two volumes will be more rewarding than the subsequent Lost seasons; I gave up on Lost long ago.


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