A Big Misconception?


Either the Obama Transition team read my mind or they read Grave Error questioning whether the ongoing post-election, donation-seeking emails were spam. Was it a coincidence that I just received this nice email from Joe Biden entitled “The Big Misconception”:

Eric —

A lot of people think the work of a campaign ends when the election is over.

Well, not if you win.

In fact, folks are working around the clock to prepare our team to hit the ground running on January 20th. At the same time, supporters all across the country are busy defining the role this grassroots movement will play in the administration.

It’s a new and unprecedented set of challenges, and Barack and I still need your support. I know we’ve asked a lot of you recently — but that’s because we’re continuing to do things differently.

Past transition teams have taken donations from corporations and lobbyists. Our team will not accept any donations from Washington lobbyists, and individual contributions will be limited to $5,000.

So while half of our funding comes from a government grant, the second half is in your hands.

Will you make a donation of $100 or more to support the presidential transition team?

It’s crucial that our presidential transition reflects the same values as the campaign — transparency and accountability to the American people.

One month from now — on January 20th, 2009 — Barack Obama will be sworn into office.

Between now and then, he needs to carefully assess agencies and build a strong team to take on the challenges our country faces.

With the enormous tasks of restoring our economy, meeting our national security challenges, broadening access to health care, and solving our energy crisis, we can’t afford to wait until Barack takes office to get started.

The most important thing you can do right now is make sure the transition team has the resources it needs to find the right people and prepare them for their work in the White House.

Make a donation to the transition team now and support a strong start in January:




That is exactly what I was thinking, Joe. And while I see your point and am happy that normal Americans and not lobbiests are donating to fund the transition, I was just wondering whether all that money we donated earlier was already gone?


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  1. ReWrite

    This email is more disgusting, devious and deceptive than the first.

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