Divorce Him Already

Hillary would not have been on the top of my list for Secretary of State. I would have envisioned her in a domestic policy role, thinking that one of Obama’s bipartisan choices would be better as the top foreign diplomat (like Republicans Chuck Hagel or Dick Lugar). Apparently, though, Hillary was blocked by Ted Kennedy in Senate from any health care czarship. As the story goes, with Obama most likely keeping Bob Gates on as Secretary of Defense, he therefore cannot also give State to a Republican. That leaves the political prize open solely to a deserving Democratic, and you’d think the likely front runners were John Kerry and Bill Richardson.

John Kerry endorsed Obama early on and Bill Richardson –Secretary of Energy and U.N. Ambassador during Bill Clinton’s presidency — earned Judas status when he came out in favor of Obama in the heat of primaries. As attributed to James Carville (also the guy who called Richardson Judas), the elections are for screwing your enemies and the transition for screwing your friends. Furthermore, making Hillary Secretary of State ties her political future to her performance in the Obama administration. Welcome to the team of rivals.

But as many recent articles have correctly pointed out — from Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd in the New York Times to the Washington Post’sClintons’ Global Paths May Cross“– Bill Clinton’s foundation, presidential library and baggage pose serious ethical questions to a potential Hillary State Department. George Stephanopoulos writes,

But there’s one significant complication: how to make sure that former President Clinton’s foreign speeches, business dealings and foundation work don’t present conflicts of interest . . .

Here are some of the major questions that need to be addressed: How much public disclosure must there be of past foreign donations to the foundation?

Is any more disclosure of foreign business and speaking income required? Are there other ways — short of or in addition to full disclosure — to vet for possible conflicts?

Going forward, would the Clinton Foundation be permitted to continue soliciting foreign support?  If so, under what conditions?

How would the contributions be reviewed and vetted?

All of these questions can be answered, but getting there is complicated. It’s not done yet.

Bill Clinton having to pay by the rules of transparency and disclosure? You really think so? Hillary should have dumped Bubba’s tuckus ages ago; it might have even gotten her elected president this time round. It’s not much of a marriage anyways, but if it is, at a minimum, one of convenience and she’d like to be Secretary of State, Hillary should be asking, “what has he done for me lately?” The answer is: divorce him already.



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4 responses to “Divorce Him Already

  1. carol

    I believe that Hilary as Secretary of State would be a disaster for Obama. He hardly needs baggage in a world that already has baggage. The Clintons cannnot be trusted to be for the people. They are both only for themselves, and even that they do not do in unison. They are separatists at a time when we need unity.We don’t have time with all our challenges to do marital counseling, or ego work. Obama is about the people. The Clintons are vulchers for the White House. I will be so disappointed in Obama if he picks Hilary. She will try to be the major figure. Obama, please don’t suck into these people. You can do it so much better without them. Clinton, your days as President are over. Read my lips. Stop trying to be president all over the world when you have not consulted with the White House to do so.You are a lose cannon. Go look up Monica again or some other young chick and leave the country to the President. Oh by the way Hilary is not president and you are no where close to being first lady…or maybe you are. Bill, know that when your term is up, it just is.

  2. ReWrite

    For those of you that had all sorts of hope for Obama his cabinet selections should be removing any lingering ‘change you can believe in.’

  3. eric

    Obama hasn’t made a cabinet selections yet.

    It will be interesting to see who he chooses and why. Some are actually saying quite the opposite. Although he may not fill his cabinet and the agencies with minorities, there are rumors that he will try to have a governing coalition of Dems and Reps. Of course, I know what you’re thinking: Dems and Reps in government working together or not is not really change, it is all part of the corporate machine.

  4. ReWrite

    New faces would be nice. Taking a bunch of Clintons and/or Clinton Democrats is not change. Sprinkle it with long-term politicians and/or strategists and that ain’t change either. Shuffling a bunch of institutional players around is not a change I can believe in.

    Fortunately for Obama he is more popular than Jesus right now, so he could appoint Cheney or Hillary to Secretary of State and people would support it.

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