I am still looking for some closure after the historic moment on Tuesday night. While Obama has his transition team in full battle gear, I am stuck in my own transition phase to post-election life.

I was hoping to write something profound, wrapping everything up like in Frank Rich’s article in today’s New York Times. Then my friend, Teo, very subtly sent me this video saying that its time to move on.

Now that we have a president-elect, we should reflect on how poorly the American people and press scrutinized George W. Bush during his reign in office, especially the first term. No matter how popular the new president may be, we should always keep him in order.



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7 responses to “Closure

  1. teo

    Eric, really, don’t stop your political posts. We enjoy them a lot 🙂

    And thanks for following the campaing for almost two years. It’s been a pleasure discussing, talking and learning from you.

    Chapeau, and congratulations.

  2. eric


    To be honest, I was writing a fairly long post when I received your email with the video. I scraped the entire post except for the first paragraph and the link to Frank Rich’s article, which by the way is excellent.

    In a few days, I may write something else about the campaign. We shall see.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. ReWrite

    I think you make a really important point. Despite the mass love and potential personality cult around Obama, we must continue to hold him accountable.

  4. eric

    Definitely! No more free rides in times of war, economic crisis, or celebration.

  5. Borja


    Let me join Teo in the ass-kissing contest. If it wasn’t for your blog I wouldn’t have followed the elections as wholeheartedly or would have been so inspired by everything that happened the 4th of November. This election didn’t belong only to you guys, we may not have been able to vote, but the values and the stories that have been told resonate within all of us and give us hope for the future.

    As I said once, you do have a duty with your readers, specially european ones, to keep us in touch with the subtleties of american politics.

    Keep up this great blog!

  6. eric

    Thanks, Borja, but I want you to know that one of my friends specifically complained about me blogging almost exclusively on the elections. I mentioned that it was your peer pressure. I guess we’re even.

  7. Borja

    Btw, check out this article in NYT

    I found it interesting, most of the articles I have read where about what the world can expect of Obama, not the other way around.

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