We Are Who We Want to Be


There are moments in life, in history when even for a brief moment, we can all look in the mirror and see that we are who we’ve always wanted to be. Yes we are.



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3 responses to “We Are Who We Want to Be

  1. Asun


  2. el gran huja

    Woo Hoo! What a great moment for all. The streets here in NYC last night reminded me a little like when Spain won the Euro Cup.

    Does this mean you will be coming back home from exile?? And most importantly, what will you write about now??

  3. eric

    I was watching, with tears in my eyes, the video footage of Washington, DC, NYC, and some videos my bro made from last night in Brooklyn.

    What does all of this mean?

    It means that I will have to get a job!!! Either that or go back to writing about the Spanish cured meats.

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