Painful to Watch

It’s painful to watch this homemade video of a McCain Palin rally in Ohio. You don’t have to be for or against the policies of Obama Biden to find these images and accusations radical, extremist, xenophobic and disturbing.



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2 responses to “Painful to Watch

  1. GV Ranch

    The interviewer has a style where he can elicit any type of response. The bit about following people around asking “Is he a Terrorist” is a joke. The interviewer is acting more like an 11th grader, less like a fact-finder. He probably wears strange clothing as well in order for his subjects to give more outrageous answers. This tactic is used all over San Francisco in fact by neo-con AIPAC types who go around dressed as hippies and get liberal-looking protesters to say they support terrorists in Iraq. You shouldn’t read too much into this, it suggests you have a low intellect. These film makers play both sides then it causes people to focus less on what is really important.

  2. eric

    I agree that there is some Borat imitation here and the the maker of the video doesn’t help his cause with some of his badgering.

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