Poor Journalism


I just read an article that was titled “Palin says Obama ‘palling around’ with terrorists‘”. This is just another example of the irresponsible journalism that has plagued these elections. The author, Jim Kuhnhenn of the Associated Press, should be ashamed of himself. Why is a factually inaccurate statement by Palin whose sole purpose is to falsely and offensively tie an American presidential candidate to terrorism treated as newsworthy or given the benefit of the doubt? Why even give such tactics the time of day?

Of course, Kuhnhenn tries to give both sides of the story, but when one side is so blatantly misleading, how can a serious journalist justify first the headline and second the forced neutrality? He even prints Palin’s ridiculous statement,

Our opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country . . . This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America.

Let’s open the flood gates. Why doesn’t Obama now come out and accuse Todd Palin of being an Alaskan separatist? Wasn’t he a member of an Alaskan pro-independence party? I could just imagine the quote,

Our opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that she would marry and bare multiple children to a separatist who would want Alaska to become an independent state, free of the clutches of our own country’s federal strangle . . . This is not a woman who sees America as you see America and as I see America.

I’d even suggest the headline, “Palin impregnated on numerous occasions by white separatist,” or “Palin eloped with white separatist, gave him five children, the most recent just months ago.”



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4 responses to “Poor Journalism

  1. eric

    Notice how the story is covered very differently by the Washington Post,


    Yet still inefficiently so.

  2. Matt

    Obama quote:
    “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He’s not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.”

    His campaign has also been quoted to say Obama is “friendly” with Ayers.

    Liberals ignore the facts… hopefully this story will get out so all of America will know the truth about William Ayers and Barack Hussien Obama (the unelectable candidate).

  3. eric


    You’ve got to be kidding me. This is such a red herring. According to the fear-mongers’ logic, anyone who works for the University of Illinois where Ayers is a professor should be disqualified from public office because of guilt by association.

    How about Congress? Should all members of congress be disqualified from office because they have shared the floor with members who have since been convicted of a crime?

    Should Palin be disqualified, not because she is not qualified, but because she once addressed Alaska’s secessionist party? How about the fact that she married a former radical secessionist?

    How about disqualifying John McCain as a racist because he was a member of the Republican party during the same period of time as David Duke? Or calling him a murderer because of his bombing campaigns in North Vietnam, many of which for sure killed innocent civilians? Heck, his relationship to the military could tie him to every abuse committed by the military ever.

    Come on!

  4. ReWrite


    I would be proud just to have met Bill Ayers. Ayers is an American hero. We need more Bill Ayers in this country. People that are willing to do just about anything to promote freedom and democracy in America. If you understand people like Gandhi or Mandela, then you would understand what Ayers was doing in the 60s and 70s.

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