The Schizophrenia of the VP Choice


The old pick the young. The rookie picks the veteran. The Hawiian picks the continental, and the continental picks the Alaskan. The black canidate picks the white guy, the man picks the woman. The dark hair picks the white hair, and the white the dark.

Is it all a lack of creativity? The need for balance? The realization that two old white guys on the same ticket is political suicide? Contrast to blur any contrast as we merge into one monotone stain of meaningless political nihilism. I suppose if there is a bright light for everyone — both Republican and Democats would prefer worlds in which the opposing party’s VPs ruled rather than their foe’s front runners.



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2 responses to “The Schizophrenia of the VP Choice

  1. Randy Bergmann

    If all it takes is a pretty face to run for high office, I thought to myself, why don’t I throw my hat in the ring?
    So I have. I’m amazed how quickly my candidacy has taken off. (See this report from Ch. 3 News)
    I know you are smitten by Obama, but I hope I can count on your support.
    Uncle Randy

  2. eric

    That’s great!! Send me over some bumper stickers. Too bad you’re campaigning in cognito.

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