Nuttin’ Out Jones

I am exploring with Jazz as a therapeutic treatment against writing political posts, and the song “Nuttin’ Out Jones” definitely takes my mind off politics and most other subjects.

The song is from Illumination! by the so-called Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet. Although this album is not very well known, it has the immediately recognizeable members of John Coltrane’s 1960s quartet: Elvin Jones (drums), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and McCoy Tyner. I don’t remember why I picked up this album in the first place when I got it last summer, but it was most likely because of those three members.

The other members of the sextet are baritone saxophonist Charles Davis and the reeds duo of Sonny Simmons (alto and English horn) and Prince Lasha (flute and clarinet). The combination is explosive. The album has all of the energy of John Coltrane’s 1960s rhythm section, plus the quirky Eric Dolphy-esque dissonance from the reeds.

Simmons and Prince Lasha were first featured together (at least to my knowledge) on Eric Dolphy’s Iron Man (as I recently referred to). They then went on to work on two projects together: The Cry and Firebirds.

In any event, Illumination! was a great find. I made this basic video of “Nuttin’ Out Jones” just in case . . . somebody out there may have been listening or interested.



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2 responses to “Nuttin’ Out Jones

  1. good job Eric, you are on the right path again…keep dem gears in your head turning and don’t ever look back to that political addiction.

  2. eric

    Thanks, I keep trying but sometimes all that comes out is mozzarella and a little Jazz.

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