Thelonious and The Office


On Sunday, I did two things that have led into a spiral towards a cross-eyed vision and a headache. First, I decided to continue my efforts to revisit and revive music in my iTunes library that I often neglect. This time I selected my entire Thelonious Monk collection and proceeded to play through it at random.

At the same time, I ventured to finally check out The Office — I went for the U.S. version because it was readily and freely available in streaming. You might call me passionate or you might call me obsessive, but I have fully consumed all four seasons of the show and have gotten through all eighteen Monk albums in my collection in the past four days.

As a result, my vision is blurred and I have a headache. I have also left Ahab’s Wife unfinished with about 100 pages left. But on the bright side, I have laughed out loud (The Office is almost as funny as Arrested Development), and I have discovered some real Monk gems that I had previously overlooked:



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2 responses to “Thelonious and The Office

  1. ReWrite

    The office is good, but no where near as good as Arrested Development. Please

  2. ReWrite

    no comment on the New Yorker cover?

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