Your Children Should Learn Spanish

Obama is right. Your children should learn to speak Spanish, but he forgot to mention that I have to learn French ASAP. My guess is that it won’t be so difficult once I put a little more effort into the endeavor.

Seriously, I think Obama is definitely correct (though he failed to mention that he himself doesn’t speak Spanish). After living in Spain for eight years (and having already known the language) and now that I am spending so much time in France, I can’t stress how important it is to speak another language. Your world opens up to infinite possibilities when you speak another language. Not only can you order the sandwich of your choice, ask for directions and understand them, bridge the cliche cultural and political gaps, but most importantly you can “participate” in all senses of the word.



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5 responses to “Your Children Should Learn Spanish

  1. Garbage.

    Learn Latin first, then learn another language if necessitated.

    Spanish is not important in America, and kowtowing is a sign of weakness, mindless appeasement and social degeneration.

    Once again the history of Rome is a shining beacon of the coming fires of failure for America. Rome pandered to immigrants; it was the end of their economy, strength, culture and eventually ~ the greatest civilisation to ever exist.

    But, history never repeats.

  2. ReWrite

    Obama sold out again on the Surveillance Bill.

  3. You certainly aren’t surprised by that, are you ReWrite?

    His candidacy was never about anything more than leverage of false promises against a populace of “less than perceptive” herd minds.

  4. eric

    Capturing the herd minds is what presidential politics is all about.

  5. ReWrite

    more like capturing corporate america

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