Count Every Vote, Except those for Obama


And the silliness goes on and on. According to the Clinton’s, only certain state primaries’ votes should be counted and definitely not the ones from caucus states. Those aren’t democratic. And Bill, who told Barack that he should get out of the kitchen if he couldn’t handle the media heat (politics is a contact sport, I believe he pontificated), is once again crying about Hillary receiving unfair treatment.

As a matter of fact, Bill and Hillary (who has repeatedly said she would not play the gender card) have rallied many of their voters around the idea of a great sexist injustice towards Hillary. To be completely honest, I am not in the position to disagree — I am sure there is some truth there. My problem with the Clinton’s has to do with their wasted potential, arrogance, and complete lack of scruples. But from a strategic and political standpoint, I can’t see how Hillary can argue on the one hand that her gender has kept her from getting more votes, while on the other she is arguing that she is more electable because she gets more white men and more of the popular vote. Something doesn’t fit.



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4 responses to “Count Every Vote, Except those for Obama

  1. What does Hillary want? Vicepresidency? Does he want to recover her money? I can’t understand her attitude!

  2. eric

    I think that Hillary truly believes that she is the better candidate and also, especially now, that she has been mistreated by the media.

    In all fairness to her, she does receive a certain degree of unfairness and sexist stereotypes, but I also believe that the Hillary hatred comes more from the Clinton Legacy and the feeling that they will stop at nothing to gain (or retain) power. Unfortunately, her actions over the past few months have only fueled those feelings. Were she to not have gone so feriously on the attack of Obama and his persona, I believe you would not be seeing such a uniform call for her to quit.

    So what does she want? I think she wants to win, and I think that it is very difficult for politicians at this point in the race while running at 1,000 miles per hour to suddenly put on the breaks — especially with their massive egos.

    For example, in Spain, why is Rajoy still at the head of the Partido Popular? What politician in his right mind can lose two consecutive presidential campaigns and honestly believe that he should be at the helm of his party?

  3. Rajoy remains as a candidate because he wants to win, that’s right… But there’s another reason… He doesn’t want the party to be led by Esperanza Aguirre!

  4. eric

    Does he really think he can win? Who is he more afraid of Espe or Gallardón?

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