Is McCain Ready for Primetime?

My guess is that when this becomes a full fledged two person race between John McCain and Barack Obama, we’ll see a Barack Obama blow out. In theory, McCain is a “straight shooting” independent and fairly moderate, but as we are witnessing — whether on Iraq, social issues, or the economy — McCain is consistently flip-flopping to appease the conservative wing of the Republican party. And the more he tries to advocate a Republican agenda the less believable he comes up. Rather he sounds silly and intellectually incoherent.

Just look at the numbers from fund raising and recent Republican primaries that no one is covering anymore. McCain doesn’t have strong support from his own party, and runs the great risk of boring the American electorate to death. The elections in November may be close, but they also may end up as a total Barack Obama blow out. Why?

McCain is simply not ready for primetime. He might be a good senator; one who can negotiate behind closed doors and across the aisle. That makes him a Bob Dole or a Joseph Liberman. Those guys were great for the Senate, but too excruciatingly boring for primetime television. Some think McCain may be too old for the presidency. I think he’s too dull.


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