Broken Promises

Believe it or not, I used to be a Randy Travis fan back in the early 90s. He had some pretty great songs like “I Told You So“, “Reasons I Cheat” and “On the Other Hand.” That’s right — I have some pretty strange tastes in music (and other things). I also used to be an Opera aficionado, Reggae junky, and even got into some of my college roommate’s Metal. It is also no secret that I think Lyle Lovett is king, and I dig Mos Def, The Roots, and other quality Hip-Hop. I get nostalgic for the 80s classics, regardless of the haircuts, and I love my old 18th Street Lounge days. Now I spend most of my time listening to Jazz, but I do give myself ample time to reminisce with former tastes and even check out more eccentric stuff. If it’s good, I’ll listen.

In any event, this post had a purpose. Yes, now I remember. At work, we’d been putting together a customer loyalty program directed at regaining inactive users. Whenever we’d meet to discuss it, I’d always get distracted from debating the finer points because I’d be lost singing the lines from Randy Travis’ song “Promises”. My contribution to the efforts was giving the whole thing a nice, catchy name — the “Broken Promise” program — for internal purposes only, of course.

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