The Old Camera Swallowing Trick


I hate going to the doctor. Does that sound ironic? How about when it is to have tests done in the radiology section of a hospital? In Spain, there is a saying that “at the blacksmith’s home, the family eats with wooden utensils”.

Actually, having a camera stuck down my throat wasn’t that traumatic after all. From the photo, you can tell that I had just come back to this world from full sedation. I didn’t feel a thing, I slept, dreamt (that I was working with Borja), and it was over. I even got my first ever glimpse of my own innards — I will spare you those photos — and everything seemed pretty halal.



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3 responses to “The Old Camera Swallowing Trick

  1. are you saying that they had to remove a wooden spoon out of your rectum?

  2. so, you have a hiatus hernia eh? regurgitation of your gastric juices are keeping you up, heart burn and so on? a mild case if IBS maybe? whatever it is I’m sure the doctors in spain will not have a cure for it, other than your typical acid blocker…and that means poor digested food, life commitment of a diet change and so on….something that will last a week or so and then you’ll go back to your old eating habits. Lucky for your, it’s free in spain to get that camera up your rear…i mean down your throat.
    dr. al

  3. eric

    And everything on the menu in Spain is on the can’t eat list.

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