A Freudian Slip


Yes, I know that when you speak in public, you often misplace phrases in a sentence’s proper order and lack the necessary visual aid of punctuation to get your point across as intended. And yes, I am sure that is what happened to Hillary yesterday when she was complaining about Obama’s analysis of her health care plan. She said,

[Obama] is attacking me … because I cover everyone with more misleading information.

I am sure she didn’t mean that her plan’s coverage is misleading.



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19 responses to “A Freudian Slip

  1. right, everyone has some of these frodian slips sometimes.

  2. eric

    The video simply paints Obama as anti-American, I didn’t see any Freudian slips there.

  3. You don’t think verbal slips coming from repressed desires are Freudian slips?
    Obama, his wife and their pastor have plenty of those repressed desires. Some examples can be seen in that video.

  4. eric

    I slip would mean that she subconsciously said one thing when she meant to say something else.

    I don’t think any of those statements were slips, but I think that the way they have been interpreted or exaggerated are suspect.

    The problem is that we now live in a very unforgiving (unless you are a Clinton) political climate where a non-politician like Michelle Obama can easily make an awkward statement and suddenly be dubbed as a non patriot. The climate is inevitably counter-productive in that it dissuades the next generation from either entering politics or from ever having an opinion on anything for fear of it being used against you.

  5. el gran huja

    ok then , interpret a slip however you like. I think the actual meaning is not limited to a unconscious slip of the tongue.
    And I would not worry too much for the next generation of politics. The problems we have are not necessarily that we are unforgiving, but that we are less tolerant of radical views from both Hilary and Obama and those who follow this campaign with equal non objective points of view. Ejem, ejem not to mention anyone. I still haven’t read a single sentence on your part discussing any radical flaws that obama and his campaign stand for….and there is plenty. Those words by Michelle Obama and even their pastors words don’t leave too much room for exaggerated misinterpretation…Doesn’t it worry you that Obama refused to repudiate the remarks of his pastor of 20 years, stating that the pastor is a reflection of the old standard of racism that existed in this country for many years which has angered so many black.
    Why don’t you talk a little about how he’s consistently opposed NAFTA but in October 2007 he supported expansion to Peru or about how Obama lies about not attacking Clinton over her lies about bosnia and so on…. We could also talk about how Obama loves to make grand and cynical promises such as specific tax cuts in specific brackets or troop removal on particular dates….. signs of someone who is thinking more about campaigning than governing. How can one make such a promise without a cristal bal?
    Or how about Obama sponsoring a campaign to make Juneteenth Day a National Holiday,”uniting” the country?
    the emancipation of slaves holiday is supposed to be a uniting holiday?
    “We never got our apology, so we need this holiday to remind us that we must not forget,” is what was said a while back, or “I will not wear “that Pin (US flag) on my chest.
    Duuuuuuuuuude, so much more, so little time, so not my blog spot.

  6. eric

    Hahahahaha. I totally disagree with both Hillary and Obama’s positions on trade and have recognized that their positions are purely electoral in natural.

    In terms of “radical” views, I am still not convinced that Obama personally has every shown a radical stance on anything. I am not even sure how radical Michelle’s comments were.

    The “bitter” statements paralleled similar statements by both Bill and Hillary in past (almost verbatim), and the rest of the comments, I would hardly call radical. Come on! I live in Europe where McCain’s brand of patriotism would be considered fascism, and Michelle’s comments would be considered centrist.

  7. Maybe Obamas Passive stance on anything is a problem as well…in any case, my deep routed point before I got side tracked in my previous post was that in plain words I have gotten a little sick of your constant, non stop Hilary “bitter” bashing and non stop Obama’s erection stroking. For your blogs sake it would be nice to see some “Objective” insight and if not, just different approach from the Hilary Bashing tactics you are using yourself.
    Also, Spain, where you live, is not the rest of Europe. In Spain anyone eating a hotdog with yellow mustard and red Ketchup (Spanish flag) is a fascist. There is no sense of nationalism or even worst patriotism. And Michelle’s comments would not have gone unnoticed in many parts of Europe either…..Times’a changing, It’s the beginning of the End.

  8. and thats routed with two “oo”

  9. But hey, at the end of the day, it’s your blog and your opinions…if anyone doesn’t like them they can go entertain themselves in another spot…..I’m just making suggestions

  10. eric

    Yes, I am more than conscious of the fact that my political monologues are comletely one sided. What often bothers me is that instead of arguing why I believe Obama is a better candidate, I tend to focus on what I don’t like about Hillary. It disturbs me that she disturbs me so.

    Thanks for your suggestions. Remember the time you suggested that I stopped flying the Harrier because I would get better gas milege from the Tomahawk helicopter? Then we keep arguing over whether downgrading to a helicopter would make me look like a miser? Looking back on it all today — in light of environmental degradation caused by personal harrier use — I think I should have taken you more seriously. Then again, we were 15 years old and concerned about our reputations.

  11. I personally find major flaws and strengths in both candidates. Any win on the democratic part would be advancement in the history of politics for the better and I’m glad for that. But, I’m convinced that Republicans will have a much easier time wining the elections by projecting Obama as a Racist, anti-Semite, anti-white and all around anti-American. Maybe this is the battle you need to be concentrating on. Otherwise you are going to run out of steam after the summer, when it’s most important.

  12. eric

    Obama raised $51 million in April and McCain only $15 — if the ability to raise capital is indicative of general appeal and future support, McCain ain’t going no where.

  13. And I just got a new Harrier that runs off Corn rather that Gas. This way I can be more Environmental friendly and still look as cool as I did back in the days.
    BTW, You know I’m playing the devils advocate right. honestly I couldn’t give a shit who wins the elections, Im just bored and angry at life in general….I’m a libertarian so leave me alone…….and that tag teams you back to politics in youth now a days….take it away Eric!

  14. eric

    You got the convertible SL? What kind of shades you wear to fly that bad boy?

    You know that anger means that you’re not a good patriot.

  15. what are you going to do with 51 million? that would barely get us enough gas to go to class back in the days…

  16. check it out, i’m in the process of pimping it right now. I don’t have the shades yet, can you make a suggestion

  17. eric

    Good point! Did you see how much the Clintons earned since Bill left office? A mere $110 million? I think they were the elite! What a bunch of hill billies!

  18. ReWrite

    I am not convinced that Obama is the answer, he is more of a question mark. whereas Hillary and McCain certainly are not the answer. I don’t find Obama to be radical enough… instead of distancing himself from the Weatherman, he should have said “Bring the war Home.” Not wearing the American Flag isn’t radical it is normal. People that wear American flags are either nutjobs or products of corporatized (neo-fascist) journalism (Colbert’s whole show is based on this concept; and the same goes people that put flags their cars/homes. The are (hopefully unintentionally) supporting the killing of our troops and innocent people… and of course US’s failed attempt at neo-imperialism. We should be wearing Iraqi flags, God Bless them… they are more heroic than Americans during the revolutionary war. England didn’t have planes, tanks, bombs, etc.

    Anyway. The difference between the three major candidates is pretty minimal… it is actually too bad that they aren’t more radical.

  19. ReWrite

    Another potential problem with Obama is that he may be a little cult-like. Dynasties are bad, but what about leaders that view themselves or have a large following of people that view them as deity-like figures?

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