Hillary’s Man for All Seasons


If there is one true renaissance man in this election, it is Barack Obama. At least as Hillary has described him, you’d think he was her “Man for All Seasons”.

According to Hillary’s characterizations, Obama was too Republican for having spoken about Reagan. Then Obama became too liberal, having voted too Democratic in the Senate. Unlike Clinton’s former Senior Campaign Strategist-demoted to Campaign Strategist for having recently negotiated with the Colombian government to lobby Congress (no one worried about his work for Blackwater), in Ohio, Obama was unreliable because one of his supporters had negotiated on behalf of Canada.

At one point way back in the day, Obama was too white and not black enough to get elected. Then Hillary and Bill decided that he was too black for whites. Next thing we learned was that he was also radical African American (some even think he’s too Muslim although he isn’t a Muslim). But now after disclosing that the Clintons earned $110 million during the Bush years, Obama is the elitist candidate.

The United States is a wonderful country where a candidate can go, in a just a matter of a few months, from being too Republican to too liberal to too Black to being labeled by the two term White House first lady and present millionaire senator Hillary Clinton as being too elite. Obama has it all. He is the Man for All Seasons.


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