Springtime in Chamberí

The past few days have been perfect spring days here in Madrid, and today was no exception in my neighorhood of Chamberí (sunny and 75ºF). First I set out to to visit the newly opened museum at the Chamberí ghost metro station. In 1966, Metro de Madrid closed the Chamberi station, but it continued to exist in darkness along line one between the Bilbao and Iglesia stations. For the past 40 years the trains have continued to pass through the station without stopping, and you can peak out the window for a glimpse of the ghost station. The station has just been restored to its 1966 aspect and converted into a museum.

After visiting the museum, I took a walk a through my neighborhood and made this low budget video to “Alabama Song” by the Sextet of Orchestra U.S.A. from the obscurealbum Mack the Knife and Other Berlin Theatre Songs of Kurt Weill. The album’s highlights are Eric Dolphy and John Lewis, and Dolphy’s bass clarinet on “Alabama Song” is perfect for any sunny day. If the video quality is too ghetto for your taste, at least you’ll enjoy the wonderul music.


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