“Yes We Can” T-Shirt


My friend and co-worker Jacobo (who I used to affectionately call Hysidro) made this Obama “Yes We Can” T-Shirt for me. It actually looks much better on than in the photo. Unfortunately, I had to crop the image to hide sweat marks.

Thanks Hysidro! ¡Eres el mejor!



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2 responses to ““Yes We Can” T-Shirt

  1. ReWrite

    I don’t know if I met Hysi, but I am still taking credit for, at least indirectly, teaching your friends the term “word”.

    Eric, you should get Alberto (I think that is his name) to say things like “re-up” or “blazed” or “lifted.”

    Anyway, it is late, I am crunk, tired of all the chicken heads, been getting stupid to bhangra; I think it is about time to fall out, especially since I have court tomorrow.


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