Politics in the Pulpit


Either I am going mad or the country is turning upside down. I just saw a CNN online story called “Politics in the Pulpit” where CNN reporters asked the question whether politics should enter our churches at Sunday services.

Apparently since white people can now be forgiven for not voting for Obama because he belongs to an extreme anti-American, anti-White church, we need to start asking whether African Americans are improperly talking about politics in their churches. How absurd is this conversation? The all white evangelical ultra right wing Christians have spent the last decade and a half trying to impose their religion on the nation’s politics, and suddenly now politics and relgions is a question? The “Moral Majority” has turned its morality into political imperatives, and now CNN is asking whether African American church goers are doing something wrong?

I still don’t understand why the law should ever contemplate religious morality (although they may coincide by sheer coincidence). In my world view, sins are legislated and executed by your religion, laws by government, and there should be no double jeopardy. But, in the case that I was forced to choose: Poltics in church, but never church in politics.

I hate to bring up the whole race debate here, but there is something very, very disturbing about the media discussing the controversy of the role of religion in politics only when it involves African Americans. Meanwhile, white churches and Christians around the country continue uncontested to rave in their places of worship and to government about their love of guns, the death penalty, prayer in schools, and against homosexuality, abortion, immigration, and the environment.


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