Rocky World

One of my favorite non-Jazz albums is For the Beauty of Wynona by Daniel Lanois, and one of my favorite songs from that album is “Rocky World”. While driving through Lanzarote’s lava stained terrain, I kept thinking of that particular Daniel Lanois song. As is often so often the case, I went ahead and made another one of my low budget videos.



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2 responses to “Rocky World

  1. Benjamin and Thomas

    Uncle Eric,
    That was very interesting. Is there an active volcano on the island? Did you go to any other Canary Islands this trip?

  2. eric

    I only went to Lanzarote. I almost went to Fuerteventura which is only a short boat ride, but that day the weather wasn’t so nice. For all other islands, you’d need to take a plan and I was on a budget.

    Hope to see you guys soon! By the way, I got camouflage chucks!

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