Lock ’em up


Check out the great news: the U.S. is now the world’s top incarcerator! We’ve got more people in jail than ever before.



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3 responses to “Lock ’em up

  1. ReWrite

    Let’s spread that “freedom” around world!

  2. eric

    Yes, that is what we’re doing in Iraq. Trying to put the entire population behind bars.

  3. You guys might want to try reading the article. Then go back and learn about the philosophical grounding of social contract.

    It’s that perspective thing … again.

    Individuals who break social contract, for which the law is created to perpetuate particular agency, are subject to socially prescribed punishment.

    As far as the article, had either of you actually read it; the percentage numbers are a reflection of a) a larger populace and b) less lenience in sentencing.

    I agree prisons are ineffectual, that’s why I prefer executions.

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