Who Says That?


A few days ago in reference to Castro stepping down from absolute power in Cuba, John McCain said that he hoped Castro would soon meet Karl Marx. In other words, McCain publicly stated that he hoped Castro would die. Who says that? How can a guy running for president of the United States say that he hopes that another human, no matter who that person may be, should die? What does that say about our country and our values?

That’s right, I almost forgot: McCain is a war-monger; he’s running on the John Rambo platform. I suppose it is no surprise that a candidate for a party that is pro-fetus but hates everything else would have a foreign policy based on the hope that somebody would die. You’d almost think McCain would have the Pentagon send a covert nurse to pull Castro’s feeding tube.

It is all so very very pathetic, and even borderline immoral if you believe in that sort of thing. Let’s pray we don’t have to choose between McCain and Billary.



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3 responses to “Who Says That?

  1. ReWrite

    Excellent post.

  2. Charlie Bergmann

    I don’t like that either, but based upon the accounts by some that Castro was proportionately a more prolific murderer of his own people than Hitler or Stalin …….

  3. ReWrite

    That seems almost mathematically impossible.

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