Clemens: Who F-ing Cares?


I don’t follow Major League Baseball, and I am not following the recent Roger Clemens “controversy”. But as my bro, ReWrite, very accurately pointed out to me in an email minutes ago:

every newspaper cover says something like ‘who is the liar’ or ‘who is lying’ … someone should have the balls to write ‘who cares’.




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7 responses to “Clemens: Who F-ing Cares?

  1. ReWrite

    And why congress care? How have they made this a partisan issue. Just making an fing rule in baseball that says people can’t use performance enhancing drugs (define it) and then enforce it.

    If congress what to meet regarding a real sports issue… why not talk about how in predominately african-american sports, namely basketball and football, these teenagers cannot decide for themselves whether to skip, so called, college and to make money. Instead they enrich (and this is not an exaggeration) the colleges and universities whom they play for, while receiving little to nothing in return. If they are going to force these minority athletes to do this, they should at least give them a cut of all the endorsements and sponsors the school receives, instead of giving (some of) them scholarships. And if you know any student athlete, even in division III or Junior College, they will tell you that being an athlete is a full-time year round job (despite the so called bar on mandatory practices/training) and that they had little to no time to actually learn anything.

    Meanwhile, kids playing soccer, baseball, HOCKEY, TENNIS, GOLF, etc etc… can forgo college and try to make a living.

    My last point is wiretapping, torture, death penalty for people at Guantanamo… what the hell is going on. Who cares about steroids, when are the American people going to stop chasing, and in a counterproductive manner, the specter of terrorism. Death penalty for detainees is one of my favorites… the US gov’t for 6 years has refused (and continues to do so) to prosecute these alleged terrorists, either civilly, criminally or in militarily, and know they are talking about the death penalty. I am sure many of them, considering the high number of suicide attempts, would embrace a fast track to such an enactment. I have spoken with many of the lawyers representing the Guantanamo detainees and they said (as I agree) that they always that the worst opponent was one who didn’t know the law (my favorite opponents are intelligent/strong advocates), but they have since learned that dealing w/ the Bush Administration, the worst opponent is someone w/out a plan. In other words, b/c the Bush Administration has refused to even provide a forum for these detainees (they are literally in legal limbo), they have no mechanism, no court to challenge their clients situation. You can’t get to the supreme court w/out appealing something and there is nothing to appeal since there is no forum, no case, no determination, etc (despite the fact that the supreme court ordered the Bush Administration to create such a forum).


  2. The average salary in the NBA is $2.2 million per year; the minimum starting salary is $220,000.

    * The average salary in major-league baseball is now $1.37 million per year; the minimum starting salary is $109,000.

    * The average salary in the NHL is $892,000; the minimum starting salary is $125,000.

    * The average salary in the NFL is $795,000; the minimum starting salary is $131,000.

    In contrast:

    * The average pay for classroom teachers in the United States is $38,000 per year.

    California has the highest teacher salaries, capping out at just over 55,000 annually.

    I don’t know if America cares at all, or if we care about the entire wrong things for entirely the wrong reasons.

    As a side note:

    The average Congressman’s salary has gone up from $135,000 to $162,000 (that is almost $78.00 per hour, a true gross times the minimum wage).

    Viva la Rivoluzione!!!

  3. ReWrite

    Yeah it all makes no sense.

    There was an interesting article in the economist not too long ago taking about countries w/ good teachers/good education.

    and they argued that in countries where being a teacher is considered an elite job (meaning you have to get good grades, take lots of courses and get lots of degrees and people that have the jobs are considered in the same as doctors/lawyers), even if pay is not super high, there is a correlation between the teachers, as i described, and high educational achievement amongst the students/population.

  4. ReWrite


    I actually thought you would have opposed what I wrote.

  5. Not a chance Rewrite, we are in total agreement.

    Logically, there is no means to disagree with what you wrote … I try to keep my sippy cup, drooling mongoloid status under wraps as often as possible.

    Being an educator “should” be an elite job, but there’s no glamour or drama in it, so the American public couldn’t care less.

    As one of my good friends likes to say: anyways.

  6. ReWrite

    i meant more on the college sports front.

    And here is another point I forgot to include in my original post:
    it is really messed up, in other countries (in the baseball and other sports) they have what is called minor leagues… where the athletes (the ones doing all of the entertaining) actually get paid.

    and sippy cups are good. They other thing I miss from childhood are those pajamas w/ the feet… those were awesome.

  7. I don’t disagree with you on the college athlete front either … as I said, it would be foolish to disagree here; especially if you are familiar with what Ohio State tried to do in collusion with Time Warner Cable to further their endowment fund …

    It seems like being a primordial scumbag is just the modus operandi of modern society.

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