Obama’s Potomac Sweep and the Race Fallacy


Obama has swept the “Potomac Primaries” consisting of my hometowns: Virginina, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Not only did Obama win by large margins in all three jurisdictions, he has also proven that there is no “race card” or ethnocentric voting imperative. The only voters who overwhelmingly sided for Clinton were middle aged women, and there is nothing to indicate that their votes for Hillary was a personal or racial rejection of Obama. They simply preferred Hillary. Everyone else voted for Obama or were equally divided between the two.

Contrast that with Hillary’s statements a few days earlier where she tried to once again play the “race card” and blame her losses in Washington, Nebraska, Maine and Louisiana on proud African Americans and undemocratic state caucuses.

These are caucus states by and large, or in the case of Louisiana, you know, a very strong and very proud African-American electorate, which I totally respect and understand.

Bill had made similar statements as well. Billary’s message is that African Americans vote for Obama just because he is black and that winning those other states is not important. And now after having lost eight consecutive primaries, she is claiming that somehow Texas and Ohio are more representative of the American population — in other words, once again disrespecting the people of any state that she did not win. It seems that Hillary doesn’t have many excuses left.

But the final conclusion of the Potomac Primaries is that, at least, in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC (the states where I come from), everyone voted for Obama — white men, Hispanics, the working class, the affluent — witht the sole racial, ethnic, gender, and age bias of older white women.



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2 responses to “Obama’s Potomac Sweep and the Race Fallacy

  1. Hard to say with such a definite stance cugino.

    Considering the most prevalent social trends, “guilt” voting is just as likely, and voter motivation hinging on race cannot be so easily discounted.

    I think you assume to much, and are in absence of factual evidence to support this position.

    Still, of the remaining individuals, Obama is the only one that does not represent guaranteed continuance of the establishment … yet.

  2. eric


    The important thing to do, as I am proving and which I learned from the Hillary camp, is to choose sides, work the spin, and run with it. I have choosen Obama and am playing the spin game, and loving it 😉

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