A Little Change for Grave Error


Now that Grave Error is turning two years old and in the spirit of “We Can Believe”, I have to decide to change Grave Error’s header. I will be rotating the header between three different banners.


The original header was taken from “Four Trees” by one of my favorite painters, Egon Schiele. For my new banners, I have choosen from Henri Gauguin’sSpirit of the Dead Watching”, Schiele’s “Danae”, and finally Marc Chagall’sWoman and the Roses”.

When I have some extra time, I will try to add to some other new banners and improve the quality of the ones I have. Thanks to Guillermo and Eloy for their help.



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2 responses to “A Little Change for Grave Error

  1. ReWrite

    I liked the old banner better.

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