Super Tuesday, Spin Wednesday

Super Tuesday Washington Post.JPG

On Super Tuesday, the campaigners were already preparing for Spin Wednesday, the day after when they spin the results to make it look like they’re in the strategic lead, regardless of what the (Washington Post) diagram above and calendar may say.

The Hillary campaign has shown significant 30-40 point leads for the past two months in polls in most states and in particular in Democratic strongholds like California, New York, and Massachusetts. But yesterday her campaign was trying to show that those gaps were very small. The idea was that she could show that 5 point victories (in reality a huge loss to her previous leads) were big comebacks, like the ficticious New Hampshire comeback.

At the same time, the Obama campaign was also trying to paint a conservative picture of the day’s potential results. He would also like to make it look like he had gained substantial ground and momemtum. But the fact of the matter is that both candidates, Hillary and Obama were winners and losers. Hillary has lost her massive lead and Obama has gained major ground, a big victory for him and an embarrassing loss for her.

Neverthless, there is room for spin for the Hillary campaign. The press wants a close race, headlines, and gossip, and Hillary got some. She can play up the California win as a major comeback (which, as mentioned, she was supposed to win), and talk about beating Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. But the fact of the matter is that the Clinton clan has dominated the Democratic establishment for over a decade and there are favors to be repaid and bodies on the ground. What Obama has is a real following, not artificial, historic, or indebted. Let’s hope that he doesn’t lose hope now when there is still hope in a calendar with states that favor him. Hillary precisely wants people to think that hope is lost. A loss of hope is what her campaign is all about.


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