iJam: The Retorno of the Jamón Conspiracy


When you thought it was safe to read this blog again . . . the Jamón Conspiracy pulls you back in. Here is a very funny Apple parody, in Spanish, called iJam. Not only is it funny, it also reflects Spaniards’ fixation and obsession with Jamón — a dried pig leg. Regardless of how exquisite Spaniards may claim it is, Jamón has simply never been widely acclaimed or demanded outside of Spain (say as in hamburgers, pizza, sushi, or Coca-Cola).



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8 responses to “iJam: The Retorno of the Jamón Conspiracy

  1. Usually, animal carcass is enticing of the appetite …

    That however … not so much. Then again, swine isn’t my preference.

    That’s spot on!!!

  2. boo hoo! i say,
    pearls before swine, Cast not

  3. Swine is too hard on the gut, just a personal preference not to have digestion problems.

    My family definitely appreciates it that I don’t eat swine any longer … seriously, they do.

  4. Jamonera

    “Jamón has simply never been widely acclaimed or demanded outside of Spain.” I wish that were true… Thanks to the now highly acclaimed pata negra, us Spaniards will not be able to afford our beloved ham anymore, as the production is limited and Americans and Chinese people,among others, are increasingly ordering hams, thus doubling or even tripling the price and leaving us with our mouths salivating by the litre and our pockets empty. This is seriously undermining our culture. God Save Jamón Ibérico!!!

  5. eric

    Yes, Americans and Chinese are going crazy to eat jamón as if it were hamburgers or pizza. Having limited production capacity doesn’t make it popular.

  6. mister x

    I would consider a sacrilege to put Jamón Ibérico in a hamburger or a pizza. Are you joking or what? Pizza can at the most have a Parma ham, jamón serrano or Jamón Ibérico is too much for it.

    Have you ever tasted it? Seriousliy, in order to speak about “fixation” I would expect to have given it a try.


  7. eric

    Mister X,

    I am not saying that it is a condiment and should be put on pizza like prosciutto di Parma. I am saying (with a strong sense of jest) that were jamon so very very wonderful, it would have a similar international appeal and demand as say pizza, hamburgers or Coca Cola.

  8. todd

    don’t know if anyone else has already mentioned this, but i heard a conspiracy theory of my own about jamon and pork in spain: that after the reconquista and during the inquisition pork was used to try to flush out hidden jews and muslims in spain. they shared it with guests and visitors in order to prove that they were really christians.

    for whatever it’s worth…

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