Back from Brooklyn

What happen? I’m back from Brooklyn. I spent ten days back in the States, split about half and half between home and NYC, and now I am back. After almost two weeks of being offline, I almost feel as if I could never go back to work again in my life and not be a lesser person for it.

As usual, I didn’t get to do all of the things I would have liked to over Christmas, but I did get to spend some extra time with ReWrite in Brooklyn. This ain’t the best video ever shot, but it’s the only footage I got. It starts with the Potomac River near Great Falls on the Maryland side, then goes to photos from the Staton Island ferry, and then finally the view from ReWrite’s window in Brooklyn near Prospect Park (on the other side). The music is “One Step” by Aretha Franklin.



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3 responses to “Back from Brooklyn

  1. ReWrite

    The phrase is “what happened.”

  2. eric

    But if you say it quickly, it sounds like “What happen”.

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