They Don’t Like Me

They don’t like me, I just know it . . . Actually, maybe they do or maybe they don’t. Does it really matter? They have to put up with me every day either way.
Today, I had my camera at work to take some photos for our upcoming Newsletter, so I decided to make a short video strutting around on the East Side of Alcobendas.



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8 responses to “They Don’t Like Me

  1. Charlie

    Everything translates into a Seinfeld episode for me. “How could anybody not like you,Jerry,” says momma Seinfeld at one point. I love the song, and certainly carried a similar paranoia through 30 years at the insurance company and now at the newspaper – no date helping it be a self-fullfilling prophecy. Regarding the tour of the office, I think a little housekeeping and a shoring up of the dress code are in order.

  2. eric

    Uncle C,

    That sounds like something my mom would actually say, and that I would be probably believe.

    Yep, no real dress code here. I haven’t put on a tie in two years!!!

  3. Is being liked so important?

    As a eu-social organism, it would seem it matters little, even as you pointed out cugino … they have to deal with you, whether liked or not.

    It seems more prudent to do as Pops says, and tidy up both the work place and the personnel. (I thought Europeans were all about style? Lies, I think.)

    Although, at this point, that could be Anybusiness, Anywhere, USA … watching the video without sound, no one could ever tell the difference. Well, except for the explicit physical contact between a male and female coworker, which in the USA, would have guaranteed a lawsuit.

  4. eric

    I don’t think that “trying to be liked” is productive, but not being like is definitely counter-productive. It is hard enough to go to work every day as it is to have to go to a hostile workplace where it’s obvious that people don’t like you. Thankly, this is not be problem.

    No lawsuits here!!! People tell some pretty explicit jokes and no one is afraid of offending anyone’s sensibilities. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not so good.

  5. It is likely in any workplace you have to work to be liked, at least by a majority.

    Regardless, some will simply not like an individual, as agendas don’t often meet on level ground, and abilities and attributes are most often disparate. Someone always resents or suffers envy.

    Better to be authentic and disliked, than to be a poseur and liked under mendacious pretenses.

    No one can offend you, without your consent.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Learn it, love it, live it and simplicity is yours.

  6. eric

    I agree. As a matter of fact, if you try to please everyone, you generally end up losing those qualities that give you any value.

  7. WTF? You agreed with me. Oh great, now you’ve done it.

    I can feel the very fabric of the universal continuum being torn asunder, time slowing to halt, gravity ebbing, the end of days, plagues, famine, war …

    Man, some people.

  8. eric

    Ha ha ha. Can you feel the love? Or is it simply the Christmas spirit?

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