Spain and Kyoto

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Everytime the U.S. decides to NOT sign an international treaty, I take a lot of crap here in Spain from my friends and co-workers. Without having to enter into the merits of whether the treaty in question should or should not be signed, I always make the following statement: The U.S. is a country of lawyers. If we sign a treaty, we’ll have lawyers making sure that that treaty will be enforced. It is easy for a country like Spain to sign treaties when they know they will never comply with it.

For example, today there was an article in the El Mundo newspaper on how Spain was the E.U. country with the worst Kyoto Protocol compliance record in 2005. Ironically, the same newspaper article says that the world’s biggest non-compliers were the U.S. and Australia, but how do you fail to comply with an agreement you never signed?



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3 responses to “Spain and Kyoto

  1. LMMFAOROTFL, good stuff cugino.

    Point well taken, and I can say I am informed by your position. Being a non-interested individual with regards to law, these are things I wasn’t aware of, in the overall.

    Yes, how does one fail to comply with an unsigned and unrecognised treaty … hmmmmm.

    It almost sounds, well, a bit like political expectation which never fails to comply with idiocy.

    Did China receive the same castigation?

  2. eric

    Of course, China did not. I think that the latest numbers show that Australia emits more CO2 per capita than the U.S. and that China will surpass us all in a few years.

    I suppose we’ll have to learn to live on Mars!

  3. Won’t happen, we aren’t smart enough to pull that one off.

    The radiation that consistently pummels Mars is beyond our capability to protect against. None of our earth bound materials can withstand it for more than a day or two.

    Like most viral agents, humanity is creating its own end, ::snicker::snicker::

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