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When I was a kid and whenever we’d see someone’s underpants, say Jane’s, sticking out of her pants, we’d sing,

I see London,
I see France,
I see Jane’s underpants.

And when someone sang that song to you, you were pretty embarrassed. I sometimes wonder what all of that fascination with underpants was all about. Or with butts in general. Butts are for sitting on and for defecating, and yet they have always drawn such great interest by out society at large (no pun intended). It’s probably not that suprising then that “underpants” is, to this day, one of my favorite words in the English language.

In any event, I thought of this as I read about upcoming “cultural” activities for this weekend in Madrid. One included a photo-exhibition called Ocultos at the Fundación Canal de Madrid, with the rear-end as the main attraction.



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2 responses to “Underpants

  1. That picture, is an abomination, to underpants anywhere, regardless of the cultural bindings of said garment.

    Female butts are often times spectacular, and very aesthetically pleasing in their shaping, (I think I mentioned before the outcome of male + rounded objects + flesh = [insert forbidden sexual reference here].)

    That butt, and subsequently those underpants which do not properly cover said butt, should never, EVER, be on public display.

    If I want ugly, any mirror will suffice … I don’t need to be assaulted by another’s ugly, ewwwwww, fat dimples … blech.

    [/exit unstoppableshuddering.exe]
    [/init uncontrollablespewing.exe]
    [/exit perfectvision.exe]
    [/init traumatherapy.exe]

  2. eric

    I knew you’d love that photo!

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