Fatal Error, Grave Error


It was looking like start of a promising weekend, but then on Friday night, my computer shut itself down with a “fatal error” message. That meant that my +40G of music (now around 10,000 songs) was in limbo. I have a 100G external hard drive that I use as a backup, but when I got my computer up and running again and tried to update my backup with new music, my computer crashed again.

Then on Saturday morning, my landlord showed up early to install a new hot water heater. From the way he put it, it would only take a few hours and I would probably have to spend one day without hot water. I might not be much of a handy man, but I am smart enough to know my limits. Seventy-two hours later with gaping holes in my kitchen ceiling, I still don’t have hot water. At least, I got to share my weekend with my landlord.

What’s wrong with these handy man types? Are they simply cheap or just stupid? My kitchen looks like Bush’s war, and I have finally learned the pleasure of playing chicken with the cold water in my shower. I am sure that calling a real technician in wouldn’t have hurt anybody. Theoretically, tomorrow I will have hot water again.

When I came to work this morning, I went straight to see the techie geeks. It appears that not all is lost. Yes, I do have all of my music safely stored in an iPod in the worst case scenario, but it does appear that I will be able to restart and save my computer and files with the help of Ubuntu! I have taken my time in changing over to the open source operating system, but now I think I am ready to liberate myself completely of Microsoft.

It is interesting, though, to note how fragile we are with our dependence on technology. I have transferred hundreds of CDs to digital format and now mainly purchase music in digital format. Although this saves space (and also time), it is very easy to lose it all. At least if you keep backups then you are still more protected than with physical CDs. And I also realized how much I am a slave to hot water and to my privacy. I didn’t like having to choose btween cold water and cleanliness, and I really didn’t like having my landlord in my hair.



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10 responses to “Fatal Error, Grave Error

  1. What?

    Did you say something?

    I saw that butt at the top of the picture, and for some strange reason, almost blacked out …

    Still feeling a little woozy … what’s the topic?

    Ah, never mind, I’ll be right back … I feel the need to scrub something.

  2. Welcome to Ubuntu! Another one in the list… 😀

  3. eric


    My videos didn’t have the same effect? I didn’t think so!

  4. eric


    We’ll see how it goes. Iurgi tells me that there is a bit of an adjustment period.

  5. Once you stop having the expectations created by the Windows aberrations, you will be just fine.

    Not to mention, your PC will thank you as it will not have to deal with constant exceptions due to memory leaks, dangling pointers and orphaned instruction sets …

    I would say that Microsoft directly resembles it’s creator … all except the dangle that is, the operating system is obviously “more enhanced” in that department.

    Sorry your video’s don’t have the same effect, it’s errr, ummmm, just that … well, yeah … and please do not go off and make a video of your butt, that won’t change anything … well, not a change for the better at least.

  6. eric

    The problem with the Ubuntu photo is that your mind starts spinning in a circle just trying to figure out where to begin. It’s really a dizzying task, almost as difficult as saying “dizzying”.

  7. That’s probably the only version of a “trinity” that I would ever find myself interested in … trifecta of titillation!!!

    Just makes you want to get to know yourself better, doesn’t it?

  8. eric

    Yes, know thy self. That must be in scripture somewhere.

  9. Randy

    It was nice seeing the photos of your friends. Did you use your digital camera or your cell-phone? Next time, shoot video.

  10. eric

    Yes, Randy, I really missed a great opportunity to shoot one of my videos!

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