Bay Bridge

When I was a little, I loved bridges and tunnels. My favorites were the Delaware Memorial Bridge (what we called the “Giant Bridge” ), the George Washington Bridge, and the Fort McHenry and Baltimore Harbor tunnels. I still remember as my all time “bestest” Christmas present a cardboard model of the “Giant Bridge”.

Then when I was probably around ten, we started going to Bethany crossing over from Annapolis to the Eastern Shore, taking the 4.3mi/7km Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Since then I have taken the (round) trip over the Bay Bridge at least once a year. Nowadays, I no longer enjoy bridges and tunnels as much as I used — I get a touch faint if I am the one driving — but I still thought it would be nice to shoot one of my low budget videos going over the Bay Bridge. Unfortuntately, it was a horribly rainy and overcast day, so the views weren’t that great. The music is Susheela Raman singing one of my favorite Joan Armatrading songs, “Save Me”.


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