America’s Solution

Abu Ghraib.jpg

I think I finally found the solution to America’s problems right after I published my last post on the Vick scandal. We need the American citizens to unite to force NFL football players’ to treat dogs more humanely. Then once we’ve finally achieved that, we can pressure the US government to treat people more like dogs.



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6 responses to “America’s Solution

  1. Eric, you need to come back home..

  2. TheCommentKiller

    Eric, that is classic, i love it.

    el Granhuja- i have been trying to get Eric to move home and to NYC, but i don’t think it will happen.

  3. eric

    Cornfed, I am a bit wacked! Like you had to de-countrify your crib and stop the target practice when Jr. showed his face. Respek!

  4. TheCommentKiller

    LOL. Not quite the proper usage of the slang.

  5. who let da dawg out, woof woof woof!!!

  6. At some point there must needs be a separation of “human” and what is accepted as human, but is rather more akin to the uomini rozzi.

    Then there might be validity in your quest.

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