Rahsaan Roland Kirk

My personal jury is still not out yet on Rashsaan Roland Kirk. My friends, William and JB, are dedicated Roland Kirk fans, but I still am not sure how I feel about his music. Kirk played multiple wind instruments, many of which he would play simultaneously (some even with his nose). Although the general criticism of Kirk is that he is more of a gimmick than a true artist, I would disagree. What I dislike most about his music is that too much of it sounds dated (like 60s and 70s B-movie soundtracks), and is a little more on the bluesy than Jazzie side for my taste. In any event, he definitely has a sound of his own, unique, and compelling.



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2 responses to “Rahsaan Roland Kirk

  1. Yasmine

    Dated? 70s B-movie soundtracks? That’s because you haven’t listened to the “Inflated Tear” by Kirk. One of his most moving and thought-through pieces. Kirk is a true master, and way underrated by “the critics”.

  2. eric

    Actually, I have “Inflated Tear”. My criticism is not with Kirk’s playing per se, rather with the background music which is rather dated. His playing is great, but even on the “Inflated Tear” that music acompanying Kirk is just too silly. I just got Kirk’s flute only “I talk to Spirits” which I much prefer.

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