Confession or Unsolicited Advice


Last night on my way back from dinner, I took a cab home and had a very interesting conversation with the taxi driver. I am still not quite sure whether he was making a confession or just giving me unsolicited advice. Decide for yourself.

Shortly after hailing the cab, a young women with longer than average legs crossed the street. The taxi driver, let’s call him Manolo, made a comment about the challenges relating to summer and how women in Madrid were more attractive during the summer than the rest of the year.

Personally, I like talking to taxi drivers, so I kept the conversation going with Manolo. Manolo then told me about the beautiful woman that had just previously been in his cab before picking me up. He then went on to tell me that he preferred women between the ages of 35 and 45; in other words, 10 years younger than him. His girlfriend is his age, but when he cheats on her, he usually tries to do so with women in that 35-45 target range.

The problem though, according to Manolo, with these younger women is that they are much more difficult to get because they are not attracted to men his age. They usually expect him to flash the big bucks. That is why he prefers prostitutes. Ironically, Manolo sees prostitutes as a much better alternative to those other women who are only interested in him if he has money. I wanted to ask, “Manolo, and what are the prostitutes interested in if not your money?”

But before I could get a word in, Manolo continued. Manolo explained that the ideal thing to do was to keep going to the same prostitute. That way you could form a bond together over time. I thought that was very special and sensitive on his part. Yes, over time he and the prostitute would have enough confidence in each other to forego safe sex altogether and have sex without using a condom.

Manolo even went on to describe why he preferred not to use condoms. No need for details, I am sure you can put two and two together. At this point I felt like he was making a confession and no longer giving me advice. I contemplated recommending medication, but I figured that I’d just let him talk on — by this time I was only a few blocks from home. I then gave him a tip of a couple of Euros as if my money were a few Hail Mary’s and left it at that.



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3 responses to “Confession or Unsolicited Advice

  1. Potential mate suitability.
    Robust physique.
    Savvy intellect.
    Moderately primal.

    Lack of attachment.
    Freedom of excess.
    Constantly accessible.

    Feelings of resource control.

    Best relationship is always the friend with benefits package. Quench the thirst, and move on to more edifying activities.

    Love that hominid behavior, LOVE IT!!!

    Historically classical.

  2. eric

    Yes, I really have good luck with the stories people tell (or tell near me).

  3. You have an unassuming and casual appearance, not surprising at all.

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