arfonsito incoming.jpg

Incoming!!! It could be any day now, inshallah. Call him (or her) what you like — Chiquito, el Gran Hujaito, or Alfonsito (Zinedine is already reserved) — but the resemblance is uncanny!



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4 responses to “Incoming!

  1. he’s gonna be the next world sensation I tell ya!

  2. eric

    I just hope you are not as stingy as your parents were with you when it comes to giving the little guy an allowance!

  3. $3,500 a day was pretty stingy..I remember going through middle school with that for lunch. it was hard getting an importer to deliver beluga from the caspian sea to my homeroom in the morning… sometimes i had to settle for bloody main lobster or gamba blanca de huelva…that’s when I’d wright my parents name in the sand and i’d piss on it.

  4. sorry about that, my fast fingers injected a “gh” in write.

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