My New Set-Up

La Fonera + Ipod Hi-Fi.JPG

Alright, so I don’t have the best interior design skills, but it was time to make a change, aesthetics aside. I spend way too much time and money on music to be listening to all my favorite songs on my computer’s speakers. Still, I don’t want to make the investment right now into an expensive Hi-Fi system. So here is what I did.

La Fonera + Ipod Hi-Fi 2.JPG

Yesterday afternoon, I purchased a small table where I could put my ISP’s broadband router, my La Fonera WiFi router, and my wireless phone. And then this morning, I purchased the iPod Hi-Fi. I have connected the iPod Hi-Fi to the Apple Airport Express WiFi router. This is synched with my iTunes library on my computer. That means that I can play all of the 40G (9,000 songs) of music from my computer onto the iPod Hi-Fi stereo system without having to connect my computer to it with cables. In other words, my computer can be anywhere in the house while it is feeding music remotely via WiFi to my stereo. The other option is to use the iPod Hi-Fi’s docking station to play the music directly through my iPod. But, I much prefer the iTunes interface for selecting and controlling which songs to play than that of the iPod.

Time will tell whether it works well enough. I am sure that I will soon want to upgrade, but for now it is a huge improvement.


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  1. William

    Say no more: you’ve officially become a GEEK.

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