Crazy Eddie, the Prices are Insane!

I had almost totally forgotten the incredibly annoying Crazy Eddie commercials from the 1980s. But the other day, Martin, Neska, Nina, Diego C. and I were brainstorming for a title to the press release that would come out on Martin’s blog for FON’s launch of new services.

We were trying to come up with something catchy that used Spanish words that Americans have incorporated into everyday language. I suggested (similar to what I use as one of my blog categories), something derived from “Living La Vida loco”. When everyone quickly voted the idea down because of an aversion to Ricky Martin, I defended myself with the sudden, out-of-the-blue flashback to Crazy Eddie screaming like a lunatic that the “prices are insane.” Of course, Martin remembered Crazy Eddie (having lived in New York for almost 20 years). No one else knew what I was talking about.

In any event, we went with “Fiesta Fonera“. For more Crazy Eddie commericals, click here. Crazy Eddie sure takes me back to the 80s and my family trips to New York and New Jersey.


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One response to “Crazy Eddie, the Prices are Insane!

  1. I don’t know if this fellow was a marketing genius or a megalomaniac with a store chain …

    He was definitely an entertainer in any event. You’re definitely correct, brings back the memories of better time spent, and better people to share it with …

    All things must find their end …

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