Cool New FON Promo Video

All of us here in Madrid have been working really hard to prepare for launching a bunch of new services, one of which involves this cool new video. Some have been preparing all of the technical infrastructure, some the hardware, some the new website and logos, some the fine print, some the logics, some the numbers, and others like Diego C and Jose Antonio have been working on all of it at the same time. Personally, I have been working with the Marketing Team drafting just about everything that goes in writing with the aid of Neska, Mayte the Ninja, Berga, Gon, Iban, Eloy, and Hysidro. Meanwhile FON Spain has been putting the final touches on Chueca WiFi.

We are always working pretty hard at FON, but the last few days have reminded me of the early days of intense team work and even longer than normal hours. The difference is that now we can handle multiple new features and services almost weekly whereas before it took so much longer. The best is when the new website temporarily hiccups after the massive response from Foneros who have positively reacted to our effort.

East Side!


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