The Long Flight to No Where

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This afternoon I set out for Barajas Airport in Madrid at 5:00pm for a 6:40pm flight to Paris. As always, I got into a very nice conversation with the taxi driver. Of course, the tax driver missed the Terminal 4 exit because we were chatting, and we got lost trying to weave our way back to right terminal. Luckily, I still made it to my gate on time.

After last Sunday night’s Barcelona to Madrid fiasco, where my flight landed in Madrid at 2:15am instead of 9:30pm due to an electrical storm, I spent all week checking Paris’ weather to make sure I didn’t have to repeat the same ordeal. Unfortunately, the forecasts all predicted storms for Friday night. And guess what?

Yes, there was a storm, and the flight was delayed. It was like a premonition. I was even in the airport looking at people and their different shapes and forms, just like I had in Barcelona.

First it was a 30 minute delay, and then it became a two hour delay. And just like in Barcelona, I made friends with a group of fellow, weary travelers. Finally, the Vueling attendants told us that the flight was most likely going to be cancelled and that they would let us know in 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes turned into 10:00pm.

People were going crazy and were yelling at the poor attendants. Their supervisors never give them any information, and they are left there all on their own to fend for themselves. At one point, one of the attendants went to the bathroom in tears.

Having learned a lesson from my Bro, I decided to forego the entire process of going to the ticket counter and did the smart thing — I called a friend to book me an early flight the next morning. That way I could still get my refund and not have to fight with the other angry passengers for what few seats would be left.

So, I left the airport without further adieu and got into another taxi. The first thing I said to the taxi driver was, “I just had the longest flight to no where”.

What luck! In the three weeks, I have suffered delay in flights from Madrid to Menorca, Madrid to Barcelona, Barcelona to Madrid, and now a cancellation from Madrid to Paris. I could blame the airlines or the weather, but maybe I should blame myself. No….it’s more fun to blame some else.

Tomorrow morning the saga starts all over again.

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