Inventions and Dimensions


Inventions and Dimensions in Barcelona.



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5 responses to “Inventions and Dimensions

  1. That looks like a man very much at home, quite honestly.

    You photograph well, especially in the urban environment. The architecture is very artistic, and with subtle familiarity.

    Where are you when this photograph was taken, (specifically)?

  2. eric

    The photo is in Barcelona in the Barrio Gótico, or the Gothic Neigborhood. It is the old section of the city. If I have a chance I will post a few more photos in the next few days.

  3. Excellent cugino, I look forward to more photographs, the architecture is uniquely captivating. The archaic quality of Europe is definitely a plus, in this particular medium anyways.

    Thanks Eric, much appreciated.

  4. Still waiting …..

  5. eric

    Sorry, I don’t have great photos. The pictures from “People Come in So Many Different Shapes and Forms” are from Barcelona. If I find some good ones, I will post them.

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