It’s Raining Again


After a week a perfect sunny weather, lovely paseos, and eating outdoors, the clouds finally came and broke, and “oh what a break for me”! For the past three nights, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. According to the news reports, the atmospheric pressure drastically changed in Madrid, thus, altering sleep patterns. I had assumed it was a new outbreak of pollen-related allergies. Now it seems that the previous sunny days are turning into rainy weather, at least through Sunday.

On Saturday, I am off to Paris where it has been in 80ºF (around 28ºC) for the past two weeks. That’s what Spain’s weather is supposed to be like. Don’t they say that Spain has “everything under the sun”? Well, it looks to me like everything under the sun is in Paris these days. With my luck, the tides will turn again, and it will rain in Paris on my parade. And if it does, who cares, I will just whistle my favorite Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald duet from Irving Berlin’s Top Hat:

The weather is fright’ning
the thunder and lightning
seem to be having their way
But as far as I’m concerned, it’s a lovely day
The turn in the weather
will keep us together
so I can honestly say
that as far as I’m concerned
it’s a lovely day
and everything’s o.k.

Isn’t this a lovely day
to be caught in the rain?
you were going on your way
now you’ve got to remain

Just as you were going
leaving me all at sea
The clouds broke, they broke and oh
what a break for me

I can see the sun up high
tho’ we’re caught in the storm
I can see where you and I
could be cozy and warm

Let the rain pitter patter
but it really doesn’t matter
if the skies are gray
long as I can be with you
it’s a lovely day

I was just thinking that this song, “Isn’t it a lovely day” (which I believe was composed circa 1935), is incredibly similar to one of my favorite Christmas Caroles, “Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow” (composed ten years later). Could it be a rip off?


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