I Love a Rainy Night and a Sunny Day

Rainy view.JPG

As I mentioned on Friday, I had wanted to write a post about Thursday night’s rain. I had wanted to describe the wonderful feeling of getting into bed, under the covers to the sound of rain on my window sill. It is such a welcoming and comforting melody. For about 10 days straight it had been raining off and on in Madrid, and the constancy of the rain had washed away all of the filthiness of the previous arid weeks. So, I decided to open my balcony and let in the clean freshness of the rain.

Then today, I had to leave a little earlier from work than normal and the sun was still out. As a matter of fact, it was a very sunny day. While I came around the corner and passed, of all things, a Harley Davidson store, the air was filled with the smell of brand new motorcycle tires. Out of nowhere, I recalled the innocent joy of being a little boy in a bicycle store. Ironically, I have very little interest in either motorcycles or bikes today, but the scent brought back the feeling of comfort similar to that of childhood. I had almost completely forgotten about rain.

Last week’s rain could be defined as those April showers that bring May flowers. But, for some reason it had reminded me of those consecutive rainy days of fall in my home town that seem to last interminably. You begin to wonder whether the sun will ever come out. On the other hand, during the summer there will be an intense rain and electric storm almost every evening at the same time that lasts only about 30 minutes. When it is over, the sun comes out again and all of the colors are brighter and rich. It is the most beautiful moment of the day.

Whenever I think of the rain, I always think about those problems that concern and trouble me. And I think that the rain, like the night, will always come to end, and the morning and the sun will always rise again. The sun and the day couldn’t care less about my problems. As a matter of fact, they couldn’t care less whether I were alive or dead. They will come out no matter what, even if it seems like an eternity. So why worry?

Thus, I equally enjoy the rain as I do the sun. They relax me.


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