Neta and Crespells


Last night when I entered my apartment, I found to my great surprise that there was a gift-wrapped box waiting for me on the table. My friend Manolo happened to be in Madrid just for the day, and, having keys to my apartment, entered and left the box on the table. The timing couldn’t have been better nor could be my intuition. I had just finished on Saturday morning my last shipment from home of Nutter Butter cookies, my personal favorite.

So when I saw the box, knowing that Easter had just passed, I hoped for the best. I opened the box and what did I find? Crespells! Homemade by Neta the matriarch of sa meua famili mallorquina. Crespells are traditional Mallorcan Easter cookies. Neta always cuts them in the shape of roosters (her favorite animal), Mallorcan peasant girls, and the traditional Star of David (Mallorca has a long Jewish history). Of course, I went straight for the Mallorcan peasant girls. It is so nice to have friends who think of me and treat me with such warmth and kindness. I really don’t deserve it, especially after having eaten all of the evidence.


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