Carnet de Routes & Charles Mingus

Mingus Romano1.jpg

This evening I was so excited to get home. The weekend was just beginning, but instead of going out for a night on the town, I was prepping to finish The Bastard of Istanbul, to listen to my new CD Carnet de Routes by Romano, Sclavis and Texier, and maybe even write a post about last night’s rain. A few years back I got my hands on the Suite Africaine (thanks to Fadi) and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Last week, I had ordered Carnet de Routes used because it was very difficult to find, and it had just arrived today. These two CDs are part of a series of tours the musicians made to Africa accompanied by photographer Le Querrec. The compositions supposedly trace their steps while the photographer puts them to imagery.

Unfortunately, today I had also written a post where I had embedded Charles Mingus’Fables of Faubus” — a song criticizing the then Governor of Arkansas who had sent the National Guard to prevent integration in a Little Rock High School. While listening to the song, I had been reminded that Eric Dolphy often played in Mingus’ bands. This was my big mistake.

When I arrived home and began uploading Carnet de Routes into iTunes, I also did a search to see if the iTunes Store also had two important Mingus CDs with Dolphy as a sideman: Mingus at Antibes and Town Hall Concert (1964). Unfortunately, they were both available and I could not resist purchasing them both. Am I the only loser who still pays for music? Meanwhile, Carnet de Routes was uploaded and began playing. It was fantastic, so I researched Romano, Sclavis and Texier even more to find that they had in fact recently released another CD together, African Flashback. The two songs embedded here (“Look the Lobis” and “Berbere”) are from their new album.

Conclusion, another post that no one cares for about Jazz, and all I had wanted was to talk about the rain.


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