No One Writes to the Colonel

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My father never answers the phone when it rings, and whenever I ask why, he always responds with the title of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez’No One Writes to the Colonel“. In other words, why should he answer if no one is calling for him. Alternatively, a phone that does not ring reminds me of the lines from a Randy Travis song, “The phone isn’t ringing so I assume it still ain’t you.”

After checking my personal email account (as opposed to my FON account) and seeing absolutely no new emails for the umpteenth consecutive day, I realized that no one is writing the colonel here either. As a matter of fact, my personal telephone (as opposed to my FON Blackberry) hasn’t received an incoming calls since Saturday. This got me to thinking that it’s about time to amend my very first Grave Error entry, 20 Things that I Cannot Do Because I Work at FON. Of course, were the phone to ring and the email inbox full, I would be annoyed by the disturbance. You just can’t win, can you? Either that or I am much less of a colonel that I suspected.


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